Consider Adoption First

In 2014 shelters represented by the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies (CFHS) admitted 85,000 cats and 38,000 dogs. Of these 27% of cats and 11% of dogs were euthanized. This equates to 22,950 cats and 4,180 dogs. This was just in one year. The numbers in the United States are much higher.

The good news: these are the lowest numbers since the CFHS began collecting data in 1993. People are becoming educated on the importance of responsible pet care.

There are many advantages to ensuring your pets are spayed or neutered. Decreasing the number of euthanasias performed annually is the obvious reason. The following are reasons you may not be aware of:

1.    Health Benefits: prevention of testicular cancer and prostate cancer in males. Prevention of mammary cancer, ovarian cancer and uterine infections in females.
2.    Behavioral Benefits: reduced aggression, reduced roaming, reduced urine spraying/marking, reduced vocalization/howling, reduced house soiling.
3.    Cost Savings: Less chance of dog catcher fees, reduced cost to shelters, reduced livestock deaths (sheep, chickens).
4.    Public Health and Safety Benefits: reduced incidence of bites, reduced spread of Rabies and other zoonotic diseases.
5.    Additional Benefits to Society: decreased suffering and death of animals causing less distress to empathetic humans, decreased death of wildlife such as song birds, reptiles and amphibians.